How to Decorate a Function Hall on a Budget

How to Decorate a Function Hall on a Budget

Absolutely everything is possible on a budget, even decorating a function hall. But it does require a little creativity and a lot of patience! So, if you’re planning an event to be held in a function hall, be it a wedding reception, birthday party or retirement farewell, don’t let a tight budget stop you from decorating it imaginatively, and elegantly. Follow these budget-friendly tips for wowing your guests at whatever event you choose to celebrate:


Choose simple but effective lighting

Shop around when it comes to lighting, and look for a supplier that can give you plenty of price and style options. Sometimes, a simple light can be more effective than a lavish one, and string or fairy lights are a cheap way of adding extra ambience to any function hall. The importance of lighting shouldn’t be underestimated though. Your guests do need to be able to see what they’re doing, as do the hosts!


Put photos up around the venue

These are a great way of personalizing an event, without breaking the bank, and when strategically placed, can be hugely evocative, inspirational and heartwarming. If this event is linked to another, previous event (for example, if some of your guests are present at your wedding ceremony but may have missed the engagement party), then it can also serve to show them what they missed, and help to make them feel as if they’ve been a part of everything.


Make the Mandap memorable

At the heart and soul of a traditional Indian wedding, Mandaps typically consist of four pillars that are decorated equally, and because they are such a focal point, making them look exquisite can help to make any function hall look the part. Fortunately, this can be done cheaply, and on a budget, by decorating it with garlands and wreaths of flowers, or with handmade decorations that complement the theme of the wedding.


Let your imagination run wild

You can adorn tables with any number of items that look stylish and chic, and you might even have some items already in your home. Place vases of cut flowers on tables, candles or ornaments that match your theme, and you can easily and cheaply make each table stand out in the function hall.


If your budget doesn’t stretch to hiring a professional to decorate the function hall for your event, that doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on style and quality, because, as is demonstrated above, it’s entirely possible to decorate a function hall beautifully on a budget.

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