Tips for Choosing a Birthday Party Venue

Tips for Choosing a Birthday Party Venue

It’s important to take steps to ensure that you find the right venue for your birthday party, as your guests will want to take home great memories, feel at ease and share in the fun as much as whoever is celebrating their birthday. With that in mind, the following tips should help you do this successfully:


Check whether certain days of the week are cheaper

If your budget is being stretched to the limit, you might find that there are certain days of the week that are cheaper for hosting a party in a function hall, and if you can be flexible with your dates, this could be a helpful option.


Save money with instant messaging

While printed invites are always nice, they’re no longer essential; try using an instant messaging service to send electronic invites to guests.


Find out exactly what the function hall is able to offer you

This is important if you want to avoid any disappointments or stress closer to the time of the party, and is essential for good party planning. If catering isn’t provided, you’ll need to arrange this yourself, and if they don’t have extra services such as a photographer, you’ll need to hire one at extra cost. To avoid unnecessary and unpleasant monetary surprises when you come to receive the bill, check clearly what is, and isn’t being offered by the venue.


Check whether the venue provides adequate emergency facilities

While you hope an accident or some other emergency doesn’t happen at your birthday party, it can be reassuring to know that if something untoward does occur, the venue can cope with it adequately. First aid kits and generators are a good start, along with fire extinguishers and smoke and fire alarms in good working order.


Are smokers provided for?

Bad for your health and not recommended, smoking is however, a popular pastime for many. And if some of your guest’s smoke, you’ll want to check whether there is somewhere they can go to do it, where they’ll be out of the way of other, non-smoking guests.


Can the venue fit all your guests comfortably?

This might seem like a no-brainer, but so many times, party hosts forget to check the exact capacity of the function hall they’ve chosen, and guests end up having to loiter outside, or stand because you couldn’t fit enough seats in to accommodate them all. Not only that, but guest lists often grow, and if you add to the total without thinking about whether the venue has room for them, things could quickly get awkward and embarrassing!


Have others recommended the venue?

Checking for references and reviews of previous customers is a must if you want to truly know what a venue is like for hosting birthday parties. Do this before you sign any contracts.


With a little foresight and attention to detail, you can not only save money when searching for a venue to host a birthday party, but you can find a reputable, reliable one, too.

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