Tips for Creating an Unforgettable Baby Shower

Tips for Creating an Unforgettable Baby Shower

There are few events in life that come close to the birth of a baby, and indulging in the beauty of the mother-to-be as she provides a safe haven for her unborn child, is one of life’s most precious celebrations. Baby showers – or Godh Bharai, Shaad or Valakappu, as they’re known as in many parts of India – are a popular and memorable way to celebrate the expected birth of a new family member in which the mother is presented with gifts at a party.


Most often hosted by the grandmother-to-be or other close, female relatives, traditional ceremonies are now being combined with the modern concept of a baby shower, and organizing a truly unforgettable one, is easy with the following tips:


It all begins with the invite – set the tone with carefully considered invites

Send your chosen invites out well in advance to give guests time to plan, and make them gender neutral, and personalized so that each guest invited, feels special.


Create events that are fun and inclusive

Bangle counters, and henna painting are just two examples of events that you can have at your baby shower, but it’s most important to ensure that there’s something for everyone. While the mother-to-be is naturally the most celebrated person at the shower, guests need to be entertained and made to feel special, too. Games in which everyone can play, are a simple way of engaging everyone and creating a sense of fun.


Hire a photobooth

With fun props and a professional photographer, photobooths are a great way to create memorable images of the day, and giving them to guests as a gift afterwards, adds a thoughtful touch.


Turn the gift of giving full circle

While the mother-to-be should be showered with gifts at the party, giving guests a small gift, too, is always going to go down well, and can help to make them feel as if they’re a true part of everything. Don’t forget to include a handwritten thank you note.


Be thankful!

There will undoubtedly be several relatives and/or close friends who have helped organize the baby shower, and it’s important to thank them for their efforts once the event is over. Whether you do this by treating them to a gift, lunch or a treatment at a spa, is up to you, but whatever you do, do not forget to thank them!


While all of this is said and done, the best way to create an unforgettable baby shower is by having everyone enjoy themselves while the mother-to-be relaxes and enjoys the period up until her baby is born. Keep it simple, make sure everyone is comfortable and content throughout, and your baby shower will definitely create a lasting memory.

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