Why Seating Is So Important At A Wedding

Why Seating Is So Important At A Wedding

Getting married is a big deal, and planning an Indian wedding is an even bigger deal! So, it’s important to try and channel your thoughts so that when the big day arrives, nothing gets missed.


When excitedly planning for your wedding, it’s easy to get caught up in thoughts of what décor to have at the venue or what food to provide for your guests. And your thoughts might even stray towards undying love, romance and planning for the future! However, for the event to go smoothly and for it to be memorable for all the right reasons, you do need to think of everything (or have someone else think of everything for you, at least!). Where and how your guests are going to be seated at your wedding, should not take a back seat, in fact, it’s really important, and here’s why:


Seating can either complement, contrast or ruin your theme

Whatever theme you may have selected for your wedding, the seats that you choose should either enhance it or stylishly contrast it. If they don’t, the theme you’ve taken great pains to decide upon and design, could be ruined.


Seating should reflect the nature of the venue

If you’ve opted for an outside venue for your wedding, for example, then chairs that are not designed to stand firmly and securely on an uneven surface such as sand or grass, could end in disaster if guests topple off them in the middle of the ceremony!


Everyone needs to be able to sit down

While many guests may enjoy moving around the venue, chatting to other guests or indulging in the buffet, there will come a point when everyone invited will be requested to sit down. And the last thing you want at your wedding, is for guests to be forced into playing an unwelcome game of musical chairs!


What/how many chairs can your budget stretch to?

If you can’t afford for every guest to sit down, then you’ll need to restructure your guest list! Also, it’s better to have more economical chairs for everyone to sit on, than splash out on luxurious chairs that only some of your guests will be able to use. Don’t forget that simple, more economical chairs can be made to look luxurious with a little creativity. So while chairs are an essential element of your wedding, you don’t want your entire budget to be taken over by them.


Seating is undoubtedly important at any wedding. However, having everyone come together to celebrate the union of two beautiful souls is the most important thing, so try not to have a seating meltdown when planning your wedding!

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